Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Love In The Little Things

It may surprise you that even the stereotypical biker does love lots of things. And with Valentine's Day just the other day, I'm going to share five of those little things Bikers love:

  1. The way it smells fresh right after a rain. Riding on your bike, not only do you see more than you do in your car, you smell a lot more as well. Right after a rain when the whole world smells clean and wonderful is a favorite.
  2. Living in an area that sees snow and ice half of
    the year, Bikers love, love, love that first ride come spring time!! The sensation of having the bike underneath you, feeling the motor running, the twist of the throttle.... That first ride of the year is something we all anxiously await.
  3. Going from one lean angle to the next as we negotiate a "S" turn. This is the reason why so many bikers plan rides down the Tail of the Dragon each year. 
  4. The "Back Roads" - often when we travel it's not about how fast we can get there or even what the shortest route is. Bikers love the two-laned back
    roads with little traffic, lots of scenery, and an openness to clear your head. 
  5. A good party with great friends after the ride. Of course you probably guessed that already!!