Saturday, November 12, 2016

Planning the Road Ahead

Bikers (aka Motorcycle Enthusiasts) are constantly scanning the road ahead looking for a myriad of challenges that we might have to negotiate when riding: loose dog, pot hole, gravel on the road, other drivers etc.

So it should come as no real big surprise that we usually do the same in our day-to-day life. "I'll leave for work 10 minutes early because they're supposed to start road construction today."  "I better get Bob those reports I know he needs at the end of the month." Those kind of things.

Of course we wouldn't be true Bikers if we weren't looking
forward to next year's riding season! The Watertown Chrome Divas have already started planning their 10th annual Ta-Ta Run, and - even though I stored my bike for winter at FXCHD - I think it would be fun to Ride Route 66 in August 2017.

Because we do all this planning & scanning ahead, we sometimes feel as if everyone should do it - is doing it, because it's such second nature to us. But clearly that wasn't the case because - in case you've somehow missed it - so many people have been stunned by the outcome of our Presidential Election (don't worry- this won't turn into another political blog, I promise!).

Going into this election I assume we all knew there would be a
loser as well as a winner - I mean, that's how the game is played people!! I had a plan in case the person I voted for didn't win (and if you want to see who I voted for you can check out my Twitter and/or Facebook accounts). 

My plan was to move into a quiet cottage in the Irish Countryside (my maiden name is McBride!) and live out my days. Sure I'd have to learn how to ride on the other side of the road.... but that should be easy!

However, on election day, I changed my plan. I'd decided that no matter who won the election I was going to stay in America, stay American. After all, this is where the greatest motorcycle manufacturer was started (I'm talking about Harley-Davidson of course!)!! And this is where the American Biker Culture that I love was born and continues today. 

Nope- just before I walked into my polling station, I pledged I would stay and help to heal the wounds of my country. Especially since many of us have realized our country was divided before the election - the vote just brought it all to a head.

So it is in that mind set that I look to a future for all Americans.
Working towards how we can learn to listen to each other so we're all heard. How we can come to appropriate compromises so the majority or those that need it most benefit. How we can all travel the same road in relative happiness. 

Look ahead. Embrace the future. Say & do good things - ALL of us. Besides us Bikers know that you've gotta #KeepMovingForward in order to balance on two wheels. 

And I'll just leave one of my fav Cat Stevens songs right here...
Two balance on two wheels you've gotta #KeepMovingForward