Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It ain't over till the Salt hits the Asphalt!!!

Season Wheel - Autumn next up!
As the new autumn season begins, I've heard a few people say that the riding season is over. Over??? There's still plenty of great riding to be done!! 

Of course I am a realest: I know that as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, Old Man Winter is not far behind. And, according to the latest Farmer's Almanac, Winter is coming back with a vengeance. Well that just tells me that I've got to take advantage of all the Fall Riding I can.... And I'm not the only one.

Magazine cover featuring
Adam & Scooter
If you haven't yet met Adam & Scooter of #ScootinAmerica, please allow me to introduce you to them. The team of two have traversed the lower 48 five times, raising "over $200,000 to our military." And soon this dynamic duo are making their way - finally - to FXCHD!! (The were scheduled to visit in the Fall of 2015 but the weather closed in, then again earlier this summer but that was postponed due to an accident.)

Our U.S. Military Men & Women - This is something near & dear to my heart! I grew up an Air Force brat, and then met & married my husband who then enlisted in the US Army, Infantry. He spent 18 years as an Infantry Soldier and went on six 'real world' deployments during that time (Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan twice and Iraq twice). He was medically discharged from Fort Drum (home of the 10th Mountain Division) three years ago. The post is practically in our backyard and about one-third of our customers at FX Caprara Harley-Davidson are here because of the military.
My husband (in the middle) on his second trip to Iraq

Fort Drum is located in Northern NY State
According to the VA my husband is 90% disabled - although he was lucky enough not to suffer an amputation or TBI. Despite my husband's injuries and ongoing medical problems, he will be the last one to ask for help. He'd rather see those soldiers who are more deserving get the care they need first - which is how many of these guys feel (at least with my experience)! It then falls to the family member(s) caring for these wounded warriors to ask for assistance. 

So in a sense, #ScootinAmerica is riding for me. A man whom I have yet to meet in person has dedicated himself these last two years to help raise money for veterans and veteran organizations. A
Scooter, Adam and their ride,War Horse
man who hasn't served in the military, but has ridden over 100,000 miles to give back to men & women he hasn't met. And he's got some miles left to go (check their Facebook Page and see where #ScootinAmerica has been) Some people would say that's crazy, but I say Adam & Scooter embody everything about being a Biker is about.

I'm looking forward to meeting #ScootinAmerica in person (and maybe even riding with them for a bit if I can get out of work!! lol)! And when I do they'll be getting a big "THANK YOU!" from me!! Especially since my son is now a Marine about to go off on his second deployment. 
My son (on the left) & friend at the Marine Corp Ball