Monday, September 12, 2016

Getting outside your 'comfort' zone - part 2

Got my leathers on to lead the
9/11/2016 Ride for the Red -
American Red Cross Ride
We're nearly into Autumn officially, I had to put on my leathers to ride in to work at F.X. Caprara Harley-Davidson, and we're getting close to the end of the riding season... At least for people like me that stay in snow country during the winter months. 

Even though it's coming to an end, now is the time that I take a quick look back and say a quick
"Thank You" for a great riding season so far. With the drought in Northern New York (which reminded me a lot of growing up in Northern California - hot & dry) that we had most of the summer, it did make for some fantastic riding, events and rallies! 

The 10th Annual Thousand Islands River Run, NY H.O.G. Rally in Alexandria Bay, all the rides that our NNY H.O.G. Chapter has done, and riding to & back from the Annual Dealer Meeting in
Me "riding" (Jumpstart) a 2017 Street Glide with the all-new
Milwaukee-Eight engine!
Boston!! And all summer long myself and my fellow Harley Enthusiasts are out on the road, cruising through your town, stopping for a bite to eat in your local diner, and maybe having a few at your local watering hole (ALWAYS after my bike's kick stand is down for the night! Please don't ever drink & ride/drive!! Exceeding that comfort zone is totally NOT worth it!!).

I was supposed to be able to get on the Mass Turnpike
"using any lane".... but no signs for I-90!!!
So far this riding season I've led three group rides (when it comes to riding I'm usually by myself, riding faster than the posted speed limit, and decide spur-of-the-moment which route I'm going to take - not a good combo when you're supposed to be leading a group!), have done a few videos, have successfully challenged myself to projects at the shop & home I normally wouldn't have taken on, and have ridden my motorcycle through not just one, but four - count 'em: FOUR - tunnels while making my way home from Boston because I got lost soon after leaving our hotel. (Did I mention I'm slightly claustrophobic??!!)

I'm also working on taking better "selfies": here's me and my husband at the
Annual Dealer Meeting at the Boston Convention & Expo Center!
But just because the riding season is winding down doesn't mean we get to stop exploring. I must keep getting out of my comfort zone! So the same goes for you, to!! Chase that sunset and smell freedom on the wind. Because bottom line we are all human beings and we are connected by that.  

There's still plenty of events and riding still to be done this season!! Check out FXCHD's Discover More Open House, September 23-24. Can't make it in to see me?? Then find your local Harley-Davidson dealer - they'll be having a Discover More Open House that same weekend. 

Get out and meet some bikers, maybe even make some new friends. Still don't feel comfortable getting out of your comfort zone? Then try reading this blog.