Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Do you hear their call?

Some of our customers don't believe us. They think it's just a sales tactic. However I've seen it happen enough times, both at FX Caprara Harley-Davidson and at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, to know it's true. I even had it happen to me!

The Bikes call to people. "I should be yours..." "Take me home." "Let's go ride!" And they call all year round, regardless if there's snow on the ground. But they don't just call to only one person.... and that's when the trouble starts.

When I was working at H-D Atl, they had a 'previously enjoyed' Super Glide in the showroom. Every day I went to work I'd see this bike and hear her call. 

Finally, after almost two months, I made the choice
to bring her home. As I was filling out the finance app our GM came over to me. "I heard you were interested in that silver Dyna Super Glide.... How interested in it are you? Because I just had two others say they want it."

At FXCHD we've had customers express their love for a particular bike, but when we ask if they'd like to leave a deposit to hold the bike they decline. Then, sometimes within an hour after the first customer leaving, another customer comes along and falls in love with the same bike, and wants to get it.... NOW.

We do try to contact the first customer (if they gave us their info) and let them know about the other interested party. Not to start a bidding war but simply because they were there first! 

Customers will come back in a few weeks or even a month later and ask, "What happened to that bike? Why did you sell it??" Well, that's because we're not a museum.... It's our job.

Even though there's still snow on the ground, February is a great time to buy a motorcycle - even the other experts agree. We've gotten in great trades and our new bike inventory is stocked up, plus a few less customers around to hear "the call."

However, once the weather shows a hint of warming up enough for us to ride - usually in late March - the demand will increase and supply decrease. 

Not to mention, Harley-Davidson has two good programs that are ending on February 28, 2017: 

  1. 0.99%APR with $0 Down* on select new 2016 Harley Motorcycles
  2. FREE Extended Factory Warranty** on new 2016 Harley Motorcycles
So, even though the riding season is still 6 to 8 or maybe even 10 weeks out, if you're in the market to get a motorcycle, NOW is the time to do it.