Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trying to keep •B A L A N C E D•

Balance.... it can be found virtually everywhere. Between work and home life. Nature versus Nurture. Online and off. And, of course, balancing life on two wheels.

With recent events happening in our country and around the world, it seems as though our balance might be off.... Do we open ourselves up which can lead to vulnerability? Or secure ourselves while shutting others out? It's a fine line to balance on and no easy answers.

That doesn't mean we just quit all together. If it's one
thing I've learned while balancing on two wheels - you've got to keep moving forward!

And that's one thing you'll notice about Bikers: we put our heart into it and work hard until it - whatever it is - is fixed. Obviously that trait doesn't apply to just Bikers, but Americans as well - that's what makes this country of ours so great.

So we will keep moving forward, trying to regain our balance. Americans before us have succeeded achieving it and we can too. We will come together and figure this out.

But that's the key: coming together! You know that old saying, "United we stand, divided we fall."

I'm proud to say that Harley-Davidson feels the same and has publicly announced it with a "United We Roll" campaign launched last week. Plus they've shipped stickers to each dealership across the United States, including FX Caprara Harely-Davidson, to be handed out for free to anyone that wants one.

No matter where you are in the U.S., there's a Harley dealer close by. And if you visit FXCHD, I'd love it if you made a point to say HI!