Monday, January 25, 2016

Aaaand - we're back

Kate and I had lots to see and do in Phoenix last week - but you'll have to "tune in" after the motor company releases the bikes to the public for some of the photos I took (yes there are bonuses to working for HDMC!!). Harley-Davidson will be releasing two 2016½ Motorcycles later in the week that I'm excited for you all to see. 

The newest in Parts & Accessories
L to R: Ashley, me & Sherri 
The pictures I can show you now are of Harley folk just having fun! First there's the one photo I barely remembered to get because we were having such a great time - it's the one with the 
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta crew. Then there's the Parts & Accessories portion of the floor in Phoenix. Last but not least is the palm trees - this wasn't too far from our hotel. Of course we heard some Harley's rumbling around downtown and that just gets me wanting to ride.... NOW!!

"What's the big deal? You're not riding till April," you might be saying. But THIS is the time of year that most Motorcycle Enthusiasts dream of the upcoming riding season. We plan out where & when we'll be riding to. Heading north, south, east or west - we're currently finding those back roads to that obscure, middle-of-nowhere destination. If you want some inspiration and/or start doing some planning of your own, check out the H-D Ride Planner.

Another big thing us Northern Motorcycle Enthusiasts do is work on our bikes. Performance upgrades or bike maintenance, you'll find the majority of Bikers who will be among the first out once the weather breaks. That's because we didn't hibernate - we worked on (or, as in my case, had FXCHD work on my bike) and took advantage of the 'down-time.' Once Mother Nature gives me two good rains to wash most of the salt & sand off the road, 45°F and a decent sky, I'll be out on my bike! 

After all, we are just about half way through winter, and there's no use in complaining about it.... So why not look forward to Spring??