Tuesday, December 27, 2016

6 ways to easily customize any Harley

In just over 10 weeks we get to "Spring Forward"  which means the riding season will be soon after (at least for those of us up North). 

But we've got to get there from here first.... What's a Biker to do? At FX Caprara Harley-Davidson we like to Customize! (Check out the bike we're working on now.)

It can be as small as axle nut covers to as big as custom paint sets - it's all up to you. (And you can always ask Dennis or Kate in our Parts Department for advice!) One word of warning tho- once you start it's not easy to stop!

Now, if you're planning on using this as a reference on what to buy your significant other, please note you'll still need to know what year and model s/he has (i.e.: 2016 Road Glide Special or 2016 FLTRXS). BUT most Bikers tend to be real picky as to what they want on their bike, so unless they've said, "I want the Number One Skull Derby Cover," it's best to gift them a H-D Gift Card and let them pick it out themselves.

1) Mirrors, grips, levers and more.
Mirrors are very easy to put on - so simple I can do it! Levers moderately so, and grips a little bit more. But these are the little things people tend to notice as they get closer to your bike. Heated grips, no matter where you live, make riding nice when the weather turns cold!

2) Foot controls - floorboards & pegs, brake pedals, shifter knob and linkage.
Floorboards and foot pegs are more of a comfort item (at least they are for me!) and are easy to install. Brake pedals & shifter knobs are simple to put on too, but shifter linkage is a little more involved.

Harley even has entire hand & foot control collections -
the Slipstream Collection is just one.

3) Fuel tank: gas caps, knee pads, tank bras and more.
Providing the most surface area on the bike, the fuel tank (or air box with the V-Rod) is usually the first or second spot on the bike where one's eye goes to. Gas caps are pretty easy to put on, unless it's a flush mount or also has a fuel gauge built in.

4) Headlamp trim rings and visors.
If you're wanting to enter your bike in some bike shows, then it's the little things that will make the difference. That's where these come in - the aesthetic value outweighs the usefulness, but still it's a nice add on that shows you care about the look of your bike.

5) Air cleaner covers, derby/primary covers, timer covers.
The motor is generally the first part of a bike that most people look at, so it's a good place to start customizing. And, like the hand & foot control collections, Harley has collections so they can all match. Not saying they have to all match! Again, this is usually particular to the Biker who owns the bike. If you're getting a derby/primary cover, don't forget the gasket (sure you could re-use the old one, but that's like putting on the same underwear after a shower..... just saying).

6) Windshields, windshield bags and trim.
If you're bike doesn't have a windshield, you usually can get one that is detachable. Some even have windshield bags that will fit which make a handy place to store sunglasses, keys, etc. If your bike is from the touring family, then you can switch out your stock windshield for a "Wind Splitter", and maybe add a windshield bag (sometimes depends on the windshield). Windshield trim is a nice touch to really 'complete' the bike. 

So there you have it- six easy ways to customize your bike while the snow flies. That's one nice thing about living up North- taking advantage of the down time to work on my bike! Check out Harley's Inspiration Gallery for more ideas.