Saturday, December 31, 2016

For auld lang syne, my friends 💖

Glancing in the rear-view at 2016
Well - here we are, another year older and hopefully wiser. Like everyone else, I like to take a quick review of the passing year. But in true Biker fashion, it'll be just a glance in the rear-view mirror!

Is it me or did this year go by fast? With the passing of so many celebrities this year it serves as a good reminder that our lives - celebrity status or not - are all too short. So we've really got to live, laugh & love while we can!

Me & Nancy at Bonnie Castle for the NY H.O.G. Rally
And part of what living means to me is riding my motorcycle with friends. With the NY H.O.G. Rally being in Alexandria Bay this past July, I met lots of new riding buddies. A group of NNY H.O.G. and Fairfax, VA H.O.G. chapter members even rode down to the Baseball Hall of Fame (even though I live in NY, my team is the SF Giants, baby!!) 

Riding out to Boston for the H-D Annual Dealer Meeting and the reveal of their newest motor: the Milwaukee-Eight.
Trying the new Milwaukee-Eight motor

Thanks to the Watertown Chrome Divas & Azz Dogs - they rode along with me and helped lead the Red Cross Ride. 

Last but not least I froze my butt riding out to meet Adam Sandoval & Scooter of #ScootinAmerica. ICYMI Adam was on a quest to ride around the lower 48, going to every Harley-Davidson dealership to raise money for Veterans Families and the Wounded Warrior Project.

As part of the New Year's traditions, I asked the guys
Me, Adam & Scooter
I work with if they had any resolutions. Usually they don't, but if they do it's to ride more miles - which is the only resolution I have.

Of course I'm already planning lots of rides for 2017 - I just hope I can fit them all in!! I'd love to go to the H-D Museum, which I can roll in with the National H.O.G. Rally. A little bit closer to me is the Revolution H.O.G. Rally. I can't forget the 10th Annual Ta-Ta Watertown Chrome Diva Ride! And since the Annual Dealer Meeting will be in LA, I'd love to ride most of Route 66 rather than fly (keeping my fingers crossed on that one!). 

As promised, that's it! Short and sweet. Now it's your turn: What riding did you do this year? Are you going to try and get more miles in 2017? Where do you hope to be riding to? Don't be shy!

And so, I'll close this last Life Behind Bars blog for 2016, from all of us at FX Caprara Harley-Davidson: Let's drink "a cup o'kindness yet, for auld lang syne!" Cheers!!