Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Doin' the Holidays Harley Style

Our Northern New York Harley Owners Group (NNY H.O.G. for short) had their annual Christmas party this last Saturday - and it was a hoot like always!

In case you didn't know, the Harley Owners Group is the largest factory-sponsored riding club in the world with over a million members. It began shortly after Willie G. Davidson and a few others bought Harley-Davidson back from AMF. The management team organized a series of rides across the country as a way to get out on the road, reconnect with customers, and have fun. Shortly after that "H.O.G." was born.

Anyone can be a member of H.O.G. - as long as they have a Harley that is. Membership begins at the national level and all you need is your bike's VIN number to get started. With wide-ranging benefits that help you see the world, stay connected, get the inside scoop, and protect your ride, you'll never ride alone.
L to R: Dave, Theo, Kim & Joy, Aug. 2014

Once you're a National H.O.G. Member you're eligible to join a local chapter if you wish. You can find your local H.O.G. Chapter by visiting your Harley-Davidson dealership (or any dealership whose chapter you wish to join - we have a few members that live close to another dealership but they prefer ours - you can join/ride where ever you please!). And often there are even more perks at the local level. The time FXCHD had Kim Coates - Tig - and Theo Rossi - Juice - from the TV show Sons of Anarchy visit and sign autographs, our NNY H.O.G. Chapter helped out and so got a private meet & greet with the boys.
Chris & Me

H.O.G. is not a traditional motorcycle club - there is no bottom rocker claiming territory nor is there an initiation process in order to join. We are simply a good group of people who like to ride and have fun - which coincidentally is the H.O.G. motto. If you're new to riding and are looking for more people who share a taste for adventure, rebellion, attitude, and freedom, then I suggest 'test riding' your local H.O.G. Chapter.

So anyways, back to what's important - the party!! Chris was my date this year - she's a FXCHD customer who rides her own and over the years has become a good friend. We drove together to the Eis House restaurant for the party which was dinner and the great Card Game Gift Exchange game. Each person brings at least 1 gift, FXCHD donates 5 gifts, and the chapter buys lots of gifts as well - all under
the tree. Then we shuffle and pass out cards, using four decks. When one of the cards you're holding is called, you go up and get a gift from under the tree - don't unwrap it yet!! Since there are more cards than gifts, we run out of gifts - but that's where the fun
Jasmine helping Papa
begins!! Once we're out of gifts, then you can steal gifts from other party goers. There's usually 3 or 4 gifts that are real popular - but no one knows what's inside yet. When there are no cards left, then we open and see what we got. This year John was not above having his daughter deter would be 'gift stealers' - he had her sit on the gift he wanted to keep (but it didn't work!!). 
One year the most popular 'stolen' gift ended up being a toilet bowl plunger!! When it's all said and done, everyone ends up with at least one gift. But as it always is with our H.O.G. Chapter - it's not about what you got, it's about the fun you had while with good friends.