Saturday, December 12, 2015

Here's to living a life Cage Free

This is my second favorite time of year at FXCHD (my first being the riding
Cage Free? You mean like Free Range Chickens??
season of course!) and it’s not because of the Christmas lights or the holiday parties. It does have something to do with the whole gift giving scene. But mainly because this time of year we get a lot of ‘non-bikers’ buying gifts for their family and friends who are Harley Enthusiasts; and that gives me a chance to show the general public a little slice of the biker lifestyle.

For instance, a few days ago we had an older couple who wanted to buy a H-D GiftCard for their grandson – now in the Air Force stationed in North Carolina. I was showing them the choices they had for the gift card holder, and one of the choices exclaimed, “Here’s to living a life Cage Free.” So the grand-mother looks at me sort of puzzled, “You mean like Free Range Chickens?” After I laughed for a bit I explained what that meant, and I’ll explain for you too:
  • Cage Free: Bikes refer to cars & trucks as ‘cages’ – since you’re pretty much in one, a roll bar cage. You’ve got air bags, a big windshield, and sound proofing which all make for a nice, quiet ride, but also removes you to from the environment. When you’re riding along in a car, you’re more insulated than a rider is on their
    Not this kind of cage either....
    motorcycle. Cage Free means you’re out on your motorcycle.
  • ‘Cage-er’: What we call a person driving a car/truck.
  • Brain Bucket: Helmet
  • MSF: Motorcycle Safety Foundation – an organization that helps to educate motorcycle riders.
  • OEM: Original (Factory) Equipment Parts – stock parts on your motorcycle.
  • Scoot/Scooter: A term that includes any motorcycle.
  • Skid Lid: Usually referring to a non-DOT helmet – one that just has a shell and little padding on the inside.
  • Tar Snake: The shiny material used to patch cracks in the asphalt. They have less traction than regular asphalt, especially in light rain or on hot days (the material has a lower melting point and will get soft or even melt).
Those are some of the most common terms you’ll hear if you’re around bikers long enough. For a more concise list, check out this list of websites: Google Search: Results for "Common Biker Terms"

Until next time, Keep the Chrome Side Up & the Rubber Side Down!!
"You - in the mini-van - how long you in for??"