Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ho Ho Ho - and all that Merry stuff

Harley Christmas Tree Ornaments through the years

Last Friday at FXCHD the staff had our Secret Santa exchange. It’s always interesting when we get the whole crew together, even for just a couple of hours – we tend to take sarcasm, practical jokes and quick come-backs to a new level. (If you're quick witted, can laugh at your self, don't mind a work place environment that takes sexual innuendos to unprecedented heights - then we may want you to work here come Spring Time!)

Dan, our General Manager, playing Santa 
It all started about a month ago when we decided to do a Secret Santa gift exchange in the first place. Last year we did our gift exchange “White Elephant” style – where you can either grab a gift from under the tree or steal a gift from someone else. But for some reason no one stole any gifts so this year we decided to draw names. I was in charge and I can tell you it was tempting to make sure that a certain Cowboys fan got matched up with one of our mechanics….. but I was a good girl this year! So we decided on a $20 cap and I went around to everyone for them to draw names.

"Oh - YOU were my Secret Santa??!!"
Fast forward and the moment of truth. No worries that no one would forget (since I went around reminding everyone). All gifts were present (see what I did there?) – but for some recipients it wasn’t so easy to get them open. When you have co-workers with access to adhesives, duct & electrical tape, and vice grips, there’s a chance the gifts they’re giving are going to be wrapped to the hilt.  Of course alcoholic gifts were given and well received, along with lottery tickets, sharp things, and – what else? – tools.

The next day Santa even took time out of his busy schedule to visit the dealership. (We tried to get Biker Claus but he’s way too busy since there’s a lot of you on the Naughty List.) Santa likes to party and have a good time as well, so we had some fun – see the pictures.

This Saturday is the BIG company Christmas party. FXCHD is just one out of ten dealerships owned by F.X. Caprara Car Companies – soon to be eleven with the Honda car dealership opening in 2016. And each year Billy and Charlie give back to their employees by throwing us a whooper of a party – dinner, drinks and a room. It’s a chance for us to dress up, let our hair down and really live it up. And it's always interesting to see a bunch of Harley folks 'dress up' and hang out with a bunch of car salesmen (but they're all good guys - we do mingle well)!! So keep checking our Facebook page for pictures of the BIG party in the coming week!
Chad and Santa discussing the true meaning of __________ (you fill in the blank!)