Saturday, December 19, 2015

Getting down to the wire....

Today is the day of the BIG F.X. Caprara Car Company Christmas party!! And with Christmas happening in 4 more days, we at FXCHD are getting down to the wire making sure all our stuff has been taken care of!! 

For instance, here I am creating emails like this one & sending them out to all our customers, updating our Facebook and Twitter pages, planning events in 2016, creating flyers, and making sure all my warranty claims are filed. Here's a picture of my "desk" (which is really the MotorClothes counter at the back of our dealership) taken this past Thursday:
PLUS I still had to find something to wear to the Christmas party!! I absolutely love to dress-up (part of my modeling days coming through!!) and last year I wore a beautiful dress by Ralph Lauren. This year however, the RL dress I fell in love with was $598, was on sale for $249 when I still had time to get it - still a bit pricey for me (now it's down to $179.99 but too late for me to get!!). So I opted for a 'fancy' ladies shirt by Harley-Davidson - it is where I work after all!! See what it looks like on the hanger >
But despite all the Hustle and Bustle, I still had time to meet up with my girlfriends at The Crystal Restaurant for a Christmas tradition - drinking a Tom & Jerry:
L to R: me (aka Irish), Halo & Black Widow
I've been riding with these beautiful ladies for nearly five years now. Although this past riding season, between our work, family, and other commitments, we didn't get a chance to do our annual ride.... Even in this picture, only the three of us - out of a group of eight - were able to arrange our hectic holiday schedules for a quickie! Hopefully we will have more riding time together in 2016!! 

That being said, Christmas did come a little early for me this year.... Chad, our Service Manager, and Dennis, in our Parts Department got me new cylinders, pistons and jugs for my bike!!! Woohoo!!!
All in all, 2015 is shaping up to have been a pretty good year.... And with the party tonight, I'm betting we're going to end up having a great time. Thankfully I have a good camera in my phone - all the better to take more pictures with so I can 'remember' it all the next morning!!